ReadyMadeRC 5.8GHz FPV CPO 135 Tricopter Test

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This is the initial testing of the ReadyMadeRC Quick Start FPV Package. I strapped it to my tricopter (which I hadn’t actually flown in a…

CPO Heli Hangout #34!

Hanging out…talking helis. Okay…so this turned out to be a multirotor hangout. It’s okay. It’s natural. 😉


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And the winner is…

Here is the winner of the Futaba T8J giveaway sponsored by Hobbico and Futaba. The winner has until Tuesday, November 4, 2014 to contact me. If I don’t hear from him, I will re-run the random winner selection tool to get another winner.

Congrats! and thanks to all of my awesome subscribers!

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Apollo 50 GP/EP ARF by Flight Model : The Unboxing

I just got this in today, and I couldn’t wait to get started. Here’s the customary unboxing video!


Sport flyers will love the precision and the handling of the Apollo 50 ARF. This exceptional bird is made from high-quality laser-cut balsa and designed for top-notch maneuvers. All the time-consuming cutting and covering is already completed for you, just assemble the model, drop in your choice of power system and take to the skies!


CPO’s Dromida Kodo Overview with In-Camera Video Footage

From Dromida.com:

Ready to film and fly, anytime, anywhere!

You can pay two — even three — times more for a camera-equipped quad if you want to. But why would you do that when you can have the KODO for just $59.99? It’s as complete as any ready-to-fly quad out there, shoots crystal-clear photos and videos, does flips at the touch of a button and measures just 3.5 inches (90 mm) diagonally.

And that’s just part of the…


RC Hangar Time Episode 57 – Zeal blades

In this episode we have the rep for Zeal blades on to talk about their blades and products. http://hangartime.podomatic.com/entry/2014-11-02T08_25_43-08_00. Click the image to go to the episode. Enjoy.

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Latest FAA NOTAM Restricts Remote Controlled Aircraft near Major Sporting Events

The following NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) issued by the FAA on October 27, 2014 ads some very specific text that impacts the RC hobbyist.

RC aircraft are now prohibited within 3 miles and 3,000 vertical feet of large stadiums during games or races. 


Raptor E700 Maiden

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You only get one maiden for each build. This is mine. It was really just a couple of test hovers. Then I took it back and looked over everything to make sure I didn’t miss anything in the build…It all looked good. The flights are getting better. promise. But just that first hover with a 700 was a pretty…

Futaba T8J Giveaway :: It’s Official! Register to Win!

This video is the official giveaway registration video! To say thanks to all of my subscribers — those who are brand new, and those who have been with me from the start — I am giving away a Futaba T8J Transmitter and Receiver combo.

I have to give a huge thanks to Futaba and Hobbico for providing this prize. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now…go do what the video says and comment! NOTE: You must open…

Scorpion ESC Governor Calibration

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This video covers the the actual process of calibrating the governor on my Scorpion Commander V Series 12S-14S ESC (Firmware V704).

Not covered in this video is the actual setup prior to calibration (will be covered in another video). Here is the process as described in the manual:

To Program the ESC to optimize the RPM range, please follow the below…

CPO Heli Hangout #33!

Hanging out…talking helis.



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RCHT Episode 56 – Winter is coming

RC Hangar Time Episode 56 – Winter is coming

With the winter season coming right around the corner, we decided to talk about some winter maintenance, lipo care, build tips, etc. Hope you enjoy the show!

Here are some show notes –


More searchrc updates at http://everythingcpo.com/serachrc



dromida rc quad with camera –


Swarm – http://sardrones.org/

S.W.A.R.M. SAR Drones is a worldwide all volunteer network of over 600 UAV Drone Pilots in 40 U.S. States and 33 countries around…

CPO Heli Hangout #32!

Hanging out…talking helis.



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Futaba CGY750 Initial Setup (How, and in what order, to configure) V1.40

This video covers the initial setup of the Futaba CGY750 flybarless controller system with firmware version 1.40. This will hopefully help you navigate the step actions for a proper setup. While the manual shows you the various menu options, it fails to show you the process – what order to complete tasks. This video bridges that gap.

This video specifically covers configuration in the following menus:

S.Bus Basic
SWASHset Basic
RUD.Gyro Basic

SearchRC : Custom RC Forum Search Engine

Okay.. it’s 10 minutes long. Sorry. If you think you understand, you can stop watching at any time. If you want the quick rundown and want to skip the detailed features, jump to 8:25.

SearchRC can be found at http://everythingcpo.com/searchrc

This is a custom search engine that will allow you to focus your RC related searches to various RC forums – and only the forums…

Win a Futaba T8J and R2008SB RX Combo!

Stay tuned to win a Futaba T8J transmitter and R2008SB receiver!

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CPO Raptor E550 3 Practice Flights Sep 26 2014

This isn’t a show off flight..but rather just me documenting a few flights so I can go back and review my own progression as a pilot. I’ll probably make a video like this from time to time, and YouTube is the easiest place to keep them, even for my own review.

Watch if you want, but don’t expect it to be very exciting. 😉



RCHT Episode 55 – FPV Racing

RCHT Episode 55 – FPV Racing

In this episode we talk about the fast growing portion of the hobby, FPV racing. We talk about some of the racing thats going on out there, what type of aircraft they’re using, the different frequencies, and a lot more, hope you enjoy this awesome episode of RCHT!


CPO Joins the RC Hangar Time Podcast Hosting Team

I’m happy to announce that I have joined the RC Hangar Time podcast hosting team.

My first episode as a host is Episode 54 – Flying Wings.

RCHT is a weekly podcast that covers all aspects of RC flight. It was a great fit for me, and I look forward to many awesome episodes with Mike, Dustin, Wade, and TJ.

08 CPO & CJ Raptor E700 V2 – Tail Boom and Airframe Completion

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This video marks the completion of the actual airframe part of the of assembly as we add the tail rotor system and tail boom to the frame. The only tough part of this section of the build was getting that tail rotor housing hole lined up with the tail boom hole. You’ll see what I mean when you watch…