01 CPO & CJ Raptor E700 Build Components

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This is the first of many videos to come, documenting the build of our Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 V2. This covers the components that we…

Gas Powered Thoughts & Modified Gas Heli Engines : Live from IRCHA 2014

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I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to record 1 1/2 hours of this awesome seminar at the 2014 IRCHA Jamboree in Muncie, Indiana. It’s the entire formal presentation, although the folks were hanging out in the seminar for quite a while after the presentation ended. Of course, what you also don’t get here is the…

EverythingCPO.com FLY Build Fly Crash Repeat Hat-3

The Official Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. CPO “FLY” cap

Show off your pride in RC Aero Modeling with the new Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. CPO “FLY” cap from everythingcpo.com.  

This hat was designed with…


IRCHA 2014 Live Blog!

Can’t make it to IRCHA, or want to keep up with IRCHA happening while there? You’ll want to keep up with the IRCHA 2014 Live Blog!

Experience real-time updates throughout the week. Pictures, videos, and various social media posts will be rolling throughout the day. Every day. You’ll feel like you were there!

Content will be provided direct from me (cpo),…


Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. By CPO

Please take a moment to check this out. I am hoping to reach my goal of selling only 20 shirts in 5 days to have them in time for IRCHA. If you are into RC flight, this is the shirt for you! Let me know if you have any questions. You don’t pay until the goal is met, so there is no risk in reserving a shirt today!

Now is the time to get your official…

A Call to Action :: Deadline is July 25, 2014!

A Call to Action :: Deadline is July 25, 2014!

This is a call to action. The FAA has released their interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft established by Congress in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.

This interpretation puts our hobby in great risk. It can essentially change how we operate in this hobby forever if we don’t band together and take action.

What action?


Learn what the proposed interpretation is about, and how it effects…

A function that returns insanity

A function that returns insanity

Playing around with a bit of pseudo-code today (loosely based off C#).  It’s a bit of a nerd-play off of the concept of “Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat.


I originally started out with a function that returns “happiness”.  Here is what it looked like:

This is a function named “everythingcpo.com” that returns “happiness”.  It’s essentially an…


Introducing my new 480! (Stretched 450)

Got the 480 out for a couple of batteries today. Verdict: it’s really smooth. Much more floaty than the normal 450. In fact, I think it autos better than my 500. It took more gains (tail and cyclic) than I expected. I ended up cranking up the tail quite a bit to get good hold. I put the tail gain on the left knob, and cyclic gain on the right knob. It’s temporary, and…

Finding a Local RC Club : Episode One

Finding a Local RC Club : Episode One

This is episode one. It’s the start of a journey, and hopefully a quick trip! : ) I have decided that it’s time to find a local RC Club and a flying field. I’ve outgrown my yard, and lately I yearn to have someone local to hang out with in the hobby.

I joined the AMA this week, and now it’s time to find a club.

In this first episode, I check out two clubs. I bring…

14 - 1

Tarot 500 Gets a New Head…

Making progress….

Next step.  Servo horns and the rest of the electronics.



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Screenshot 2014-06-26 00.06.30

AMA Responds to the FAA Interpretive Rule

In case you are keeping score, the AMA released the following response via press release.

Date: June 24, 2014

Contact: Rich Hanson



FAA Interpretive Rule addressing “Special Rule for Model Aircraft”

Academy of Model Aeronautics response

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has reviewed FAA’s recently released Interpretive Rule in which the agency provided its…

Tarot 500 FBL Conversion : Servos Are In!

Tarot 500 FBL Conversion : Servos Are In!

This video is the latest complete update on the Tarot 550 FBL conversion. I put out a quick update previously, and noted the challenge with the fitment of the Hitec servos. I was concerned, but thought they would be okay. I have lots of great experienced pals who made sure that I knew I was setting myself up for problems. So..the next video was how I mitigated this problem. Both videos are contained in this…


FAA Offers Guidance for Model Aircraft Operators

First, thanks to Casper for alerting me to this news…

Today, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released initial guidance for model aircraft operators. The official press release is below. From their website:

The FAA clarifies the special rules for model aircraft in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. The FAA is issuing the notice to provide clear guidance to model operators on the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of flying safely in accordance with the Act and…

Tarot 450 Pro V2 : Before the Stretch

Tarot 450 Pro V2 : Before the Stretch

I bet you thought I was done with 450 videos! Not quite! It’s time to give this ol’ fella some attention. First, I go a quick review of some of the upgrades I have put on this heli…and the fact is, I plan on keeping almost everything. What’s going away? The DFC head. Everything else…is a keeper. I also give you a look at what I am getting ready to add to it as I…

CPO Quick Look : Alpha RC 450 Class Servos (A48HV & A92HV)

CPO Quick Look : Alpha RC 450 Class Servos (A48HV & A92HV)

I have been blessed with an opportunity to check out some new servos, and share them with you. These are brand new from Alpha RC. More to come on these as I install them in my 450, but here is what Tarot-RC-Heli.com says about them:

The All New Alpha RC High Performance Servos are all precision CNC titanium metal gear with dual ball bearings! High end Japanese coreless motors. Alpha RC worked with one of the…


Playing around with a new logo, Revision 2.

Rev 2…

I didn’t’ get much feedback, but the feedback I did get seemed that folks wanted it to look more like a transmitter. I didn’t want to draw a transmitter, but rather remind you of one if you are in the know of RC. However, I agree I think I need a little more context…even to make it look like a face.  Here is Rev2.  I added some hints of a transmitter body…

CPO Rep'n the Nation

CPO Rep’n* the Nation

So I finally broke down and bought one of the RCHN hats, and yes…I have my Citizen Number stitched on the back. It was a little pricey for a hat, imho, but I don’t mind spending a little more than I think I should to support a good cause  (I did admittedly pay extra for the custom embroidery of my number) …and the guys at RC Heli Nation have been unknowingly instrumental in my development in…

Tarot 450 Pro V2 : Back in the Saddle Again

Tarot 450 Pro V2 : Back in the Saddle Again

Yep… so it’s been a loooooong time since I have flown my 450. It was shelved when I got the 500, and even though I don’t have many flights on that….it still collected dust as I focused on planes and multirotors for a bit. Then I picked up the 550…and well…the 450 was getting buried at the bottom of the pile o’ stuff!

As it turns out, my 500 needs servos, and I am waiting for…

CPO Heli Hangout #24

CPO Heli Hangout #24

Hanging out…talking helis.

Thanks for watching!

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