Spirit System FBL :: Intro and Firmware Update

This video is the first in a series. I am checking out the Spirit FBL from http://spirit-system.com. This flight controller uses the same rescue (bailout) as the much more expensive Bavarian Demon flight controllers. It has vibration analysis,…

Futaba T8J Giveaway :: It’s Official! Register to Win!

This video is the official giveaway registration video! To say thanks to all of my subscribers — those who are brand new, and those who have been with me from the start — I am giving away a Futaba T8J Transmitter and Receiver combo.

I have to give a huge thanks to Futaba and Hobbico for providing this prize. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now…go do what the video says and comment! NOTE: You must open…

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Tarot 500 Gets a New Head…

Making progress….

Next step.  Servo horns and the rest of the electronics.



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Tarot 500 FBL Conversion : Servos Are In!

Tarot 500 FBL Conversion : Servos Are In!

This video is the latest complete update on the Tarot 550 FBL conversion. I put out a quick update previously, and noted the challenge with the fitment of the Hitec servos. I was concerned, but thought they would be okay. I have lots of great experienced pals who made sure that I knew I was setting myself up for problems. So..the next video was how I mitigated this problem. Both videos are contained in this…

CPO Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot 500 VS Tarot 450

Thunder Tiger E550FBL vs Tarot 500 vs Tarot 450

I originally posted some pictures comparing the difference in size between my new Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL and my Tarot 500.  I got a request to include my 450 in that photo lineup.  So…here it is!  I will admit, the 450 feels like a little toy now.  It’s been a great heli…but it really doesn’t compare anymore.  I didn’t really understand until now…

CPO Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot 500-2

TT Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot (Align) 500 – A Size Comparison

I’ll be honest. My new Thunder Tiger E550 FBL seems HUGE in comparison to my former largest heli in the fleet, my Tarot 500 (Align 500 ESP clone). I decided to mock up the E550 even though I am not quite finished assembling it and put it next to my 500.

Wowza!  It’s hard to comprehend how much bigger a 50mm difference makes in heli speak! To be frank, however, the E550 is running actual 550mm…

12 : Tarot 500 : Maiden Flight…and…doh!

So after months of sitting on the bench, I have finally gotten around to finishing my Tarot

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02 : Soko Kit : 500 CCPM Setup : Swash Leveling and Blade Pitch Adjustments

Part Two. I am right in the middle of my Tarot 500 Head Setup, and I

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01 : Soko Kit : 500 CCPM Setup : Intro and Leveling Main Shaft

Alright, this video is the start of a series within a series. I am right in

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12 : Tarot 500 : CCPM Head Setup Part Two

Here’s part two of the 500 CCPM setup video. This is a quick one to set

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11 : Tarot 500 : CCPM Head Setup Part One

This is part one of a multi-part head setup video. It deals with getting the links adjusted

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10 : Tarot 500 : Build Update

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any build time in on the 500, but I am

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09 : Tarot 500 : Gyro to Receiver Plug Compatibility (Futaba vs JR)

Next Live Heli Hangout is Friday July 19! http://goo.gl/npLfw

This is just a fairly simple video to demonstrate the compatibility issue I ran into trying to plug the Tarot GY650 tail gyro into my Spektrum

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CPO’s DIY 3-Point Leveling Platform : Part Two

In this video, I show you how to build a 3-point leveling surface that can be used to level a heli (or most anything really). That’s right — the point is less about having a level table, and more about

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08: Tarot 500 : Tail : Part Three

This is part three of a three part series. In this video, I go through my assembly of

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07: Tarot 500 : Tail : Part Two

This is part two of a three part series. In this video, I go through my assembly

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06: Tarot 500 : Tail : Part One

This is part one of a two part series. In this video, I go through my assembly

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05 : Tarot 500 : Servos – Install and Initial Electronics Setup and 90’ing

Correction: At around 30:00 I mention that this is a flybarless build…that’s incorrect. This is

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04 : Tarot 500 : Frame Assembly

In this video, I complete the frame assembly part of the build. This includes the upper and

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03 : Tarot 500 : Battery Tray Drop Frame Mod

In this video, I take a little time to go ahead and make this very common frame

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