TH SU-29

Futaba T8J Giveaway :: It’s Official! Register to Win!

This video is the official giveaway registration video! To say thanks to all of my subscribers — those who are brand new, and those who have been with me from the start — I am giving away a Futaba T8J Transmitter…


Twisted Hobbys 33″ EPP SU-29 Russian “SUPER-LITE”

A couple of videos on my new toy!

CPO’s First 3D Foamy Flights :: Twisted Hobbys 33″ EPP SU-29 Russian 3D

A little bit of raw video this time. Internet down at the house, so we just decided to video, edit, and upload from the iPhone. I have been wanting to get a 3D plane for a while now, and I finally ran across a local deal that I jumped on. I picked…