Futaba T8J Giveaway :: It’s Official! Register to Win!

This video is the official giveaway registration video! To say thanks to all of my subscribers — those who are brand new, and those who have been with me from the start — I am giving away a Futaba T8J Transmitter…


Bixler 2 : A New Pair of Wings!

Well, look what is getting a new lease on life. My Bixler 2 just got outfitted with a new pair of wings. I crashed this into a tree during an FPV flight last fall, and it’s been in a heap on the floor every since. I’ve been taking my son, CJ, to some RC flying fields, and he’s starting to get the bug. He told me he “kinda wants to fly the big styrofoam plane…

Airplane Control Surfaces (Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons, Flaps) Directions and Sticks

I pulled this video out of a longer and more comprehensive pre-maiden check video that I did with my Bixler 2. I think there are lots of folks still looking for just this type of information:

When I move my stick, what direction should the control surfaces go?

Well…here it is.

I go over Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, and Flaps.

The original video that this comes from is

CPO’s Awesome Bixler 2 FPV Crash

Okay…admit it. This is the coolest crash video you have seen in a while, isn’t’ it?! I had a lot of fun, even though there was some airplane carnage. Funny how the eyes play tricks on you when

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CPO’s FPV Setup :: Installed :: Bixler 2 :: 808 Camera :: Boscam 5.8Ghz

I finally got my FPV gear installed in the Bixler 2. I also built a ground station for receiving the FPV video.

Plane: Hobby King Bixler 2
Camera: 808 #16 D Lens
VRX/TX Set: Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mw

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CPO Bixler 2 Wing Cam :: Looking at the Magnet Fastening Method

Quick video to take a look at the wing joints while in flight (including some rolls and loops) to see if my method of securing the wings with magnets alone holds in flight. Based on the video, I feel pretty

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CPO Bixler 2 Maiden Flight

What a cool day it was to finally get the Bixler 2 in the air. It was so much fun to build, and it flies great! It took us a few tries to figure out the magic combination for proper

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CPO Quick Tip :: Stuttering Motor (Electric)

I made some mounting changes on the electric motor on my Bixler 2, and after the change I had a strange stutter at low RPM. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but finally found that I had a

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CPO Bixler 2 Build Update 9-Oct-13 : Almost done!

I pretty much take you on a tour of the plane, and show you all of the latest progress.

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CPO Bixler 2 Build Update 5-Oct-13 : Paint, Side Hatch, Canopy Mod

Alright…I got a lot done on the Bixler 2 today. Got her all painted up, and completed all of the major mods. I made some mods to the canopy mount, and also came up with a creative hatch (port)

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Testing Bixler 2 Paint Scheme on the Phoenix Sim

Here’s a quick test flight of the Bixler 2 with the paint scheme I am planning. I figured it would be cool to see how it looks in the air before I commit to actually painting it this way.

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CPO Quick Tip : Proper Balancing of an APC Propeller

I was getting frustrated trying to balance my APC prop that was going on the Bixler 2. I got the blade balance okay, but I was very confused about the amount of weight needed to actually balance the hub.

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CPO Bixler 2 Build Update : 3-Oct-2013

Just an update on the progress of my Bixler 2 build. Wings and wing servos discussed, including taping and paint.

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CPO Quick Tip : Extracting Bixler 2 Files to Phoenix RC Simulator

Video by request. Thanks for watching!

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CPO Quick Tip : Propeller and Motor Direction and Pusher vs Standard Props

CPO Not-So-Quick Tip .

I’m not sure you can call a 10 minute video a “Quick Tip” but it’s really a collection of several tips with regard to the proper orientation of the propeller (both pusher and tractor) and

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CPO Quick Tip : Bixler Decal Removal (The Tape Method)

Removing the stock decals from the Bixler (or any other similar aircraft) was super easy. But…since I had to research how to do it, I figured I would share a quick vid for others who may be interested in

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Quick Phoenix Flight with the Bixler 2

Sorry this is a little jerky. I just did a quick vid of a Bixler 2 flight within the Phoenix simulator to show what it looks like, and how much control you have with it vs the default Easystar

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