Flight Model Apollo 50 :: Tail Assembly

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Flight Model Apollo 50 :: Wing Assembly

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This video covers the wing assembly portion of my Flight Model Apollo 50 build.

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“The Age of The Drone” from Zoot Pictures – Premiers 19 Feb 2015

“The Age of The Drone” from Zoot Pictures – Premiers 19 Feb 2015

The documentary from Zoot Films is releasing on Canadian Broadcast Corporation at 9PM tonight, 19 Feb 2015.

I am unsure how or when it can be viewed outside of Canada.  I will have access to this soon, as Zoot Pictures is sending me a copy of the DVD. Hopefully I can get my hands on it soon, and I will share my opinion.

From Zoot Pictures:

There’s a new revolution happening…

Flyzone A6M2 Zero – TX-Ready Unboxing

Long-ranged, fast, and more maneuverable than any Allied aircraft of the time, the Japanese Zero was the ultimate aggressor. With its combination of looks, performance, and unique features, the Flyzone Select Scale Zero is an elegant representation of the power and lethal beauty of the Zero. This bird is authentic all the way from the trim scheme and brushless motor system down to the replica bomb drop and retractable electric landing gear

Apollo 50 GP/EP ARF by Flight Model : The Unboxing

I just got this in today, and I couldn’t wait to get started. Here’s the customary unboxing video!

Sport flyers will love the precision and the handling of the Apollo 50 ARF. This exceptional bird is made from high-quality laser-cut balsa and designed for top-notch maneuvers. All the time-consuming cutting and covering is already completed for you, just assemble the model, drop in your choice of power system and take to the skies!


Futaba T8J Giveaway :: It’s Official! Register to Win!

This video is the official giveaway registration video! To say thanks to all of my subscribers — those who are brand new, and those who have been with me from the start — I am giving away a Futaba T8J Transmitter and Receiver combo.

I have to give a huge thanks to Futaba and Hobbico for providing this prize. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now…go do what the video says and comment! NOTE: You must open…


RCHT Episode 56 – Winter is coming

RC Hangar Time Episode 56 – Winter is coming

With the winter season coming right around the corner, we decided to talk about some winter maintenance, lipo care, build tips, etc. Hope you enjoy the show!

Here are some show notes –

More searchrc updates at

dromida rc quad with camera –

Swarm –

S.W.A.R.M. SAR Drones is a worldwide all volunteer network of over 600 UAV Drone Pilots in 40 U.S. States and 33 countries around…

SearchRC : Custom RC Forum Search Engine

Okay.. it’s 10 minutes long. Sorry. If you think you understand, you can stop watching at any time. If you want the quick rundown and want to skip the detailed features, jump to 8:25.

SearchRC can be found at

This is a custom search engine that will allow you to focus your RC related searches to various RC forums – and only the forums…

Win a Futaba T8J and R2008SB RX Combo!

Stay tuned to win a Futaba T8J transmitter and R2008SB receiver!

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CPO Joins the RC Hangar Time Podcast Hosting Team

I’m happy to announce that I have joined the RC Hangar Time podcast hosting team.

My first episode as a host is Episode 54 – Flying Wings.

RCHT is a weekly podcast that covers all aspects of RC flight. It was a great fit for me, and I look forward to many awesome episodes with Mike, Dustin, Wade, and TJ.

05 Phoenix Tucano – The Maiden Flight

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Sorry for the rough video. This is my son CJ’s first time to try and capture video of a maiden flight for me. He learned how tough that is! I decided to post it anyway, since it does show how easy of a flyer this Tucano is – and you really can only have ONE maiden flight! LOL!

Take-off and…

04 Phoenix Tucano Build – Part Three (Electronics/Wings/Cowl/Prop/Rates)

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03 Phoenix Tucano Build – Part Two – Motor/Rudder/Elevator Controls/Servos

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This is part two of what is shaping up to be a three part build series. This covers getting the electric motor installed, initial ESC, BEC, and RX placement, control horns and rods for the elevators and rudder as well as the servos for them. Hopefully the next video will end with a complete plane!

02 Phoenix Tucano Build – Part One – Ailerons/Rudder/Elevators/Gear

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Here is a link to the plane at Tower Hobbies:

Here is a link to that parts listing document I mention in the video:

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01 Phoenix Tucano – Unboxing and Parts Overview

In this video, I show you my latest build: the Phoenix Tucano from Tower Hobbies. This is my first “real” plane build (meaning not foam) and I am pretty thrilled to get started. And wow…is this a beautiful plane!

I show you what’s in the box, and what electronics I am putting into it. Here’s what I have so far, with Tower Hobbies part numbers for your reference.

LXBGZU… FLY Build Fly Crash Repeat Hat-3

The Official Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. CPO “FLY” cap

Show off your pride in RC Aero Modeling with the new Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. CPO “FLY” cap from  

This hat was designed with…


Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. By CPO

Please take a moment to check this out. I am hoping to reach my goal of selling only 20 shirts in 5 days to have them in time for IRCHA. If you are into RC flight, this is the shirt for you! Let me know if you have any questions. You don’t pay until the goal is met, so there is no risk in reserving a shirt today!

Now is the time to get your official…


Twisted Hobbys 33″ EPP SU-29 Russian “SUPER-LITE”

A couple of videos on my new toy!

CPO’s First 3D Foamy Flights :: Twisted Hobbys 33″ EPP SU-29 Russian 3D

A little bit of raw video this time. Internet down at the house, so we just decided to video, edit, and upload from the iPhone. I have been wanting to get a 3D plane for a while now, and I finally ran across a local deal that I jumped on. I picked…

Teaching CJ to Fly with the Flyzone Sensei

Teaching CJ to Fly with the Flyzone Sensei

My son CJ has dabbled in and out of the hobby with me over the last year and a half, but hasn’t really shown any serious interest in really learning to fly until just recently. He told me that he wanted to learn how to fly my big foam plane (referring to my Bixler 2). I thought about it for a while, but decided that the Bixler 2, while a great beginner plane — and…

A Call to Action :: Deadline is July 25, 2014!

A Call to Action :: Deadline is July 25, 2014!

This is a call to action. The FAA has released their interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft established by Congress in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.

This interpretation puts our hobby in great risk. It can essentially change how we operate in this hobby forever if we don’t band together and take action.

What action?


Learn what the proposed interpretation is about, and how it effects…