Turnigy 9XR and OpenTX (Companion9x) : Part Three

Here’s what’s covered in this video:

The look is growing on me!
Another look at firmware
Greyed out GV boxes? Here’s the fix.
Looking at my new compile options
Why not just compile everything into the firmware?
Adding Throttle Hold Capability
Looking at the Auto Timers
Trainer mode stuck in “SLAVE”?
The difference between Ele and ELE (sticks vs switches)
Terminology: Rates vs Weight
Terminology: Offsets vs Sub Trims
Pot adjustable variable weights (and a practical use)
A detailed look at offsets (subtrims)
Checking out trims to offsets
Checking out Instant Trim
A look at my “sticks” settings
A look at my mixes
How I use the multiplier for the adjustable weights
How I use a curve to limit the pot inputs

This is a journey. It’s my journey. However, I learn much from other people’s experiences and I know that others can learn from mine. This is a log of sorts, or a vlog, of my progress in learning to set up, use, and modify my new Turnigy 9XR transmitter. I am taking you along as I turn it on for the first time, install the battery, flash new firmware using companion9x on my Mac, calibrate the sticks and pots, calibrate the battery voltage…and eventually…even more. It’s a newbie perspective, because this is the first time I have ever done this.

There are several types of instruction videos. Most tend to be carefully scripted or edited “best case scenario” moments. The instruction is correct, and helpful, but sometimes leaves us lost if things don’t work just right in our world. The format presented in this video is the raw (but of course edited for your sanity) process I used to get up and running with this new piece of hardware. It’s not meant to take the place of the other great how-to videos on this topic…and in fact spans many of those topics in a few minutes. I didn’t go into a lot of extra time to show how to do something that exists in other great videos already.

When I run into a problem, I’ll show you what it was, and how I got around it. That way, if the same thing happens to you, you may gain some ideas on how to proceed. I have several problem-solving moments in this video, and I am certain to have many more in future videos.

So that’s it. Next will be using the Orange DSM2 module to connect to my existing Spektrum receivers. I’ll share my observations and the things I learn along the way.

As always, if you have any feedback or helpful additions, it is most appreciated!