CPO Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot 500-2

TT Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot (Align) 500 – A Size Comparison

I’ll be honest. My new Thunder Tiger E550 FBL seems HUGE in comparison to my former largest heli in the fleet, my Tarot 500 (Align 500 ESP clone). I decided to mock up the E550 even though I am not quite finished assembling it and put it next to my 500.

Wowza!  It’s hard to comprehend how much bigger a 50mm difference makes in heli speak! To be frank, however, the E550 is running actual 550mm blades, while the 500 runs 425mm blades. (They really rounded up to call it a 500!)  But blades aside, this new Raptor 550 is a beast compared to it.  In fact, the first thing my son said when he saw the E550 was, “That thing is huge!  Can it kill you?”  LOL!  Yes, son, it can. But so can pretty much any of them…

Here’s some pics to help let it set in.   These pics may very well be the last you see of the 500 as a flybarred heli as well. It is soon to have a new RJX head slapped on. Not sure if I want to put the iKon on it, or steal the Robird G31 from my 450. ; -)

CPO Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot 500-3 CPO Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot 500-2 CPO Raptor E550FBL VS Tarot 500