TT Raptor E550FBL Tail Setup (and a bit about tail pitch at center)

In this video, I take you through my tail setup.  This is a continuation from the last E550FBL video where I was working on the cyclic servos and head setup. This setup takes much longer to explain than it actually does to do. : )  I did spend some extra time talking through tail pitch and how to understand basic principles in how your tail blades effect tail pitch and the rotation of the heli.

In this case, I set my tail pitch at approximately 7 degrees (on the positive side) to offset main rotor torque. I also ensured that I had equal travel on both extremes of the rudder movement for consistency in flight.

One thing I did notice after I put the video together…  when you have your tail set up with that 7 degrees of pitch, the tail slider conveniently aligns with the pivot point on the tail control arm..  Look at how the tail pitch slider aligns with the pivot. Very cool. That’s probably an easy setup shortcut…without having to worry about measuring tail pitch.  Just align the slider to the pivot.  Mechanically, that also makes perfect sense, because it will allow for consistency in both directions (similar to why we center servo arms).

Anyway, I hope this is helpful! Thanks for watching.