CPO 135 Tricopter : The G10 Shorty!

This is the “G10 Shorty”. I cut 150mm off each boom, removed the camera/battery tray, and made this a bit of a race car version of the larger FPV/AV original. I realize some of you aren’t looking for a video platform. This should show you that the CPO 135 Tricopter is a capable acrobat as well. (Just don’t rely on my skills to prove it! LOL!)

So I go through the entire re-build in this one video. I fast forward through a lot, and don’t go into all the detail that is provided in the CPO 135 Tricopter build videos on my website. This should be helpful as a reader’s digest version of the build. And of course, I do get a little bit of test flying in at the end.

I need to start working on my acro settings. Right now I have the stick scaling at 70, and I am going to bump it to 90 next. I also have my gyro rate at 1000 from 500 (it didn’t seem to like doing back to back flips in 500). I may try pushing that to 2000 next. And of course, I need to work on my piloting skills. I think It’s time to start throwing a little more throttle up in with the flips to hang onto some altitude. I’ll happily take some pro tips on acrobatic tricopter flying!

Oh…I throw in two extra nuggets…

1. My new preferred method for soldering bullets using a torch.
2. Removing hot glue with alcohol.

Those extra tips are at no cost to you. My gift!. : )