Teaching CJ to Fly with the Flyzone Sensei

Teaching CJ to Fly with the Flyzone Sensei

My son CJ has dabbled in and out of the hobby with me over the last year and a half, but hasn’t really shown any serious interest in really learning to fly until just recently. He told me that he wanted to learn how to fly my big foam plane (referring to my Bixler 2). I thought about it for a while, but decided that the Bixler 2, while a great beginner plane — and my first — it was not going to be as easy for him to learn on as purpose-built trainer.

I started my search, reading lots of reviews and watching lots of videos. I found that the Flyzone Sensei was well-regarded as a great trainer plane. It’s durable, has easy going flight characteristics, and doesn’t tip stall (at all really). I also like the added touch of the cargo bay doors for added funability. ; )

We got one on the way…and I started working with CJ on the basics of flight. I put him on the simulator. It’s very convenient that RealFllight7 has the Sensei as one of the stock models. I also had him watch other instructional videos on RC flight so he knew that his ‘ol dad was speaking the truth! LOL.

Anyway…the plane arrived, and assembly was a snap. Five screws total to get it 100% air ready. No gluing. No transmitter setup. No wiring. No soldering. It doesn’t get much easier.

First flight was just like the simulator. Easy going, and super stable. The Tactic transmitters have a built in wireless buddy box system, so it was really simple to train with. The RTF Sensei comes with a TTX600, and I already had a TTX650 on hand to train with. In fact…I just left the TTX600 bound to the Sensei, and let my son use the TTX650 as the student radio. Too easy.

We’ll have more progress to share in the future, but for now, this video gets you through the maiden flight. I can totally see this plane being my go-to trainer for new people in the hobby…and even the neighborhood kids who want a turn with the sticks! ; )