Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter : Build Tips and Update

Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter : Build Tips and Update

Hey there! Sorry it’s been so long since I have put out a 680 video…well…it has been only a week…but that is forever for those of you who are in the middle of a build and are looking for continued support! : )

I have been getting a lot of questions about my build, and since I am behind on build video editing, I decided to push out this quick video to answer some of the most common questions, and show some tips that I think may be helpful for folks building.

The topics covered here include:

Mounting the Pixhawk flight controller
Keeping the motor mounts and booms from rotating
Leveling the motors
Balancing the props AND hubs
Powering the camera gimbal
Mounting the landing gear
Fixing the landing gear LOL!
And maybe a few other things…

These are my solutions. There are other right ways to achieve similar results, and in some cases there will be better ways to solve a problem. That’s what’s so great about building your own aircraft…ingenuity and creativity are your primary tools! Do what works for you…steal what ideas you like…or come up with your own! In the end…fly safe and have fun!

Anyway, hope this is helpful for folks.