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ReadyMadeRC 5.8GHz FPV CPO 135 Tricopter Test

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This is the initial testing of the ReadyMadeRC Quick Start FPV Package. I strapped it to my tricopter (which I hadn’t actually flown in a…

This is my first image from the new tricopter. This is a frame from the video, and has been edited a bit.

CPO Snowy FPV Sunrise [video]

This was a fun little FPV run just to really start getting my tricopter going. It was my first FPV flight, which was half line-of-sight- and half fpv. FPV video was mostly used to see where the camera on the tricopter was pointing, and to get back home when it got so far out I couldn’t see it anymore.

I did some stabilization in Final Cut Pro X, but I’m not overly impressed with the output….

Manual "Return to Home"

CPO’s First Sunrise with the New Tricopter and GoPro!

“Snowy Maryland Sunrise”

Well, folks, the snow and rain finally stopped and I was able to get out for some sunrise video with the tricopter. It will be a while before I can edit the video,…

Quick Update : Added FPV Gear and Telemetry

Quick Update : Added FPV Gear and Telemetry

Just a quick update video since I added my FPV gear and added some telemetry data. Short and sweet. Here’s the video..so take a look!



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CPO’s Awesome Bixler 2 FPV Crash

Okay…admit it. This is the coolest crash video you have seen in a while, isn’t’ it?! I had a lot of fun, even though there was some airplane carnage. Funny how the eyes play tricks on you when

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CPO’s FPV Setup :: Installed :: Bixler 2 :: 808 Camera :: Boscam 5.8Ghz

I finally got my FPV gear installed in the Bixler 2. I also built a ground station for receiving the FPV video.

Plane: Hobby King Bixler 2
Camera: 808 #16 D Lens
VRX/TX Set: Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mw

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CPO’s FPV Setup :: Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mw and 808 #16 D Lens

In this video, I demonstrate my proposed FPV setup. I just put this system together and was essentially testing everything out. Once I found it to work, I figured I would share this video so that it may help others

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FPV Lacrosse

I bought this little camera to strap to airplanes and helicopters, but I’m finding other cool uses for it as well. Today, I put it on the top of my son’s lacrosse helmet for a little FPV game play.

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