Spider Wire and Orb Weaver Spider Dance

This might just be the most fascinating 5 minute video you will ever see! I can’t stop watching it myself. My wife walked into a spider web, basically wrecking it, and the next 30 minutes was spent watching this [large] spider rebuild. He even stops for a few meals along the way. This is just 5 minutes, and it’s worth watching all the way through. It gets really strange at about 4:00! I am pretty sure this is an Orb Weaver. At around 4:00 he goes back to his meal that he wrapped up earlier in the video. It looks like he turns into an alien monster and starts dancing a bit. Is this a posturing or defense tactic? Not sure, but it’s cool and creepy at the same time. His under belly looks just like an alien head!

Music is “Already Over, Pt 2.” by RED.