Scorpion ESC Governor Calibration

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This video covers the the actual process of calibrating the governor on my Scorpion Commander V Series 12S-14S ESC (Firmware V704).

Not covered in this video is the actual setup prior to calibration (will be covered in another video). Here is the process as described in the manual:

To Program the ESC to optimize the RPM range, please follow the below instruction:

Make sure you have a fully charged flight pack.

Program SS [2] on the Program card (Soft start with Governor Function).

Spool up the helicopter to 50% throttle in fairly rapid movement (either engage the idle switch with a 50-50-50-50-50 curve or move throttle stick without hesitation)

Stay at zero pitch, and leave the stick there until the LED on the ESC turn off.

Stop the motor by either lowering the throttle stick or engage throttle hold.

Wait 15 seconds then turn unplug the flight pack.

The helicopter is now ready for flight where you can program your throttle curves as you wish.Remember that Governor do like at curves as it has to re-acquire its RPM at each throttle change. A curve like 80-80-80-80-80 is required for idle-up where the actual percentage determine your headspeed.

Please note: A motor that surges in hover is indication that above routine was not performance correctly, so you need to re-program the governor setup again.