ReadyMadeRC 5.8GHz FPV CPO 135 Tricopter Test

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This is the initial testing of the ReadyMadeRC Quick Start FPV Package. I strapped it to my tricopter (which I hadn’t actually flown in a while) – partly to get used to flying FPV and partly to test the 5.8GHz system to make sure it will meet my needs. It was very nice to have a truly “plug and play” FPV system that just worked right out of the box. All of the cables were provided to hook everything up. Super easy.

Here’s the link to the package:

This really is a very successful test. I was worried about video loss behind the house, and due to the trees. 5.8GHz isn’t a great frequency for penetration, but this proved to me that it will be enough for my needs so far. I even got quite a ways away even with trees/house between me and the tricopter, and never lost video. Sure it got static-y from time to time…but that’s to be expected. All in all, I am very happy!

Oh..and if you are interested in the tricopter, it’s my own design: