RC Heli Head Speed Calculation and Measurement

In this video, I tackle the topic of head speed; calculating and measuring it to be exact.

First, I wanted to understand the formula that is used to identify an estimated head speed. Online head speed calculators range from simple (too simple sometimes) to very complicated. I was getting confused about all the different calculations, so I went back to the basics to understand how this really works. I share the basic head speed formula, and then plug in my values to obtain my estimated head speed on my Tarot 450 Pro V2. I’m running a helical cut main gear (121t) and an 11t pinion. I have a 1700KV motor, and charged my 6S battery to exactly 4.0 volts per cell. What’s my head speed supposed to be? Well, I figured it out and then confirmed it with two different head speed measuring solutions.

And that’s the second part of this video. I show you the real-time measurement and results of two different types of measuring devices. First, I use an app on my Android phone from ID-Software named Head Speed Tachometer. It’s on the Google Play Store for $2.99 at the moment. Next, I used a Turnigy Optical LCD Tachometer that I bought from Hobby King. I have been wanting to get one of these for a while, and they have been out of stock. They just started carrying the V2 that does helis and also has a standard light sensor for use with planks. It’s basically the same thing (dare I say identical) to the Magic Mirror Tach, but with a much lower price tag. I paid $42 for it with a buddy code I found online somewhere.

How did it all turn out? Well… I guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out! : -)