Raptor E550FBL Electronics Setup – S.Bus RX, TX, and GT5.2 Configuration

Raptor E550FBL Electronics Setup – S.Bus RX, TX, and GT5.2 Configuration

In this video, I take you through the basic setup of the electronics on the Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL. These are the very basics needed to continue the setup process, and they will be refined as we get closer to finishing.

One take-a-way from this is that the GT5.2 FBL controller DID NOT COME PRE-PROGRAMMED from the factory as was advertised by Thunder Tiger. Well…it came pre-programmed, but for a different helicopter. It was programmed for an E325/E360. As I demonstrate, you are going to have to go through the GT 5.2 setup, item by item, and set it to the recommended parameters for the E550. Thankfully, the E550 manual comes with this configuration information. You can also find the full GT5.2 manual on my website. It’s in the E550 section at http://everythingcpo.com/E550FBL.

I am setting up an S.Bus system. I chose S.Bus because I liked the idea of one wire instead of seven running between my receiver and fbl controller. I am using a FrSky X6R and the Taranis transmitter. I will also have battery telemetry capability on this heli.

Even if you aren’t using S.Bus/FrSky/Taranis, the video as valuable setup information that can be applied to any system. While the menus and methods vary from system to system, the principles are the same.

I also noticed that you can run up the motor BEFORE the GT5.2 fully initializes when you power on the heli. I was able to achieve this whether the Castle Talon 90 ESC was plugged into the receiver or the GT5.2. Because you can have power to the motor before your FBL controller is ready, that means you could theoretically have spinning blades with no servo control. Not saying it’s a problem…but just pointing it out. This may be normal. I just never noticed that before on my other FBL heli.