PID Menu Map from Ace RC GT5.1 to GT5.2 – Specifically PID Mapping (E550FBL)

So, Thunder Tiger has really managed to confuse a lot of folks with their new ARF Raptor E550FBL.  From the incorrectly configured GT5.2 FBL controller (see this video) to the use of icons and naming convention from the version 5.1 FBL in the manual (and telling everyone it is for 5.2).

So the big question is this: Are the settings in the E550FBL manual for the GT5.1 or the GT5.2?

Answer:  Yes. 😉

As best as I can tell, the settings in the manual are correct (at least as a starting point) for the Raptor E550FBL heli on the GT5.2 FBL. However, they are using the old naming convention in the table that lists them. It’s all correct values, in the correct order.  It just doesn’t match the pictures on the GT5.2 as you go through the setup. It seems that Ace RC decided to change the names to make things easier to understand.

“P” became “Stability”

“I” became “Consistency”

“D” became “Response”

and so on…

The problem is that they never changed it in the manual.  I put together this little menu map to help show how the settings are right…just the names and icons are different. I am sure there are other places where there are some differences. If you go through the menu items, and look at them one at a time, and in order, everything should work out just fine. It’s just another little detail that makes something that could have been nearly plug and play very confusing for folks who are newly introduced to Thunder Tiger and the GT5.2!

I have posted the GT5.2 manual here, so I recommend taking a look at it for reference.