EverythingCPO.com FLY Build Fly Crash Repeat Hat-3

The Official Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. CPO “FLY” cap

Show off your pride in RC Aero Modeling with the new Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat. CPO “FLY” cap from everythingcpo.com.  

EverythingCPO.com FLY Build Fly Crash Repeat Hat EverythingCPO.com FLY Build Fly Crash Repeat Hat-2 EverythingCPO.com FLY Build Fly Crash Repeat Hat-3
This hat was designed with the RC flight hobbyist in mind. Whether you fly fixed wing aircraft, helis, or multirotors – or perhaps all of them like me – this cap is for you!  The CPO FLY logo is based off of the one thing we all have in common: the transmitter!  Futaba, Taranis, Spektrum, JR, Jeti, or Turnigy.  It doesn’t matter. Your transmitter is your link to the skies. Wear this hat with pride!  

The “Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat.” mantra is displayed proudly on the back to share the idea that each of those components are part of our hobby. It’s a great conversation piece for folks who aren’t yet in the hobby, and a great reassurance for new hobbyists that it’s part of the process. For everyone else in the hobby, it’s sorta a way to say…yep, been there, done that!  These hats are offered in VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.  I am taking a handful to IRCHA, and I have a few on ebay right now, but once things settle down, I’ll have a more permanent method to purchase one if you are interested.
When my son crashed his trainer plane, I could tell he was bummed. “That’s okay!” “Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat,” I proclaimed proudly!  “That’s what this is all about! Now we just go back to build…and by next weekend, we’re flying again!” I could tell it cheered him up just to validate that he’s not alone. It was that day that I knew that those four words were going to be around for a while.  It quickly became a part of my website logo, and now it’s on the hat and t-shirts I wear.  Now, just to be clear. I am not the first person to utter those words in that order!  People have been saying that for awhile…much like “Eat. Sleep. Fly. Repeat.” and it’s even made it’s way to a t-shirt or two in the past. I think this is the first time it’s ever been put on a hat, though. I didn’t invent the saying…but the logo on the front is 100% original CPO!