Introducing my new 480! (Stretched 450)

Got the 480 out for a couple of batteries today. Verdict: it’s really smooth. Much more floaty than the normal 450. In fact, I think it autos better than my [low head speed right now] 500. It took more gains (tail and cyclic) than I expected. I ended up cranking up the tail quite a bit to get good hold. I put the tail gain on the left knob, and cyclic gain on the right knob. It’s temporary, and once I get it dialed in, I’ll hard code the numbers.

I got about 6 minutes or so flights out of each battery, perhaps with some room to spare.

Anyway… Without a 450 to compare side by side, based off memory, it does fly bigger. I’ll try and run it back to back with the 500 to see if it feels that big… But it may.

Parts required to stretch:

  • 345mm blades
  • 480 boom
  • extended torque tube
  • extended tail control rod

That’s really it!  Some people put on larger tail blades, but I didn’t and feel like I still have great tail authority.

I did upgrade the ESC to run 6V so that the new HV servos from Alpha RC can get some more juice.


Here is the side profile.  Keep in mind, these are 345mm main blades with 60mm tail blades.  It looks like I have some room to jump to 360 on the mains and larger on the tail as well…

14 - 1 (2)

That is all.