CPO Raptor E550FBL

I got my Raptor E550 FBL Today, and it came with a broken heart!

I was soooo excited when the UPS man showed up with a big box from Tower Hobbies. I have to get off to work, and was only home because of a medical appt this morning. But once it showed up, I couldn’t resist taking a peak. Don’t worry…the full unboxing video will be posted soon. I just can’t do it right now.

CPO Raptor E550FBL

CPO Raptor E550FBL

CPO Raptor E550FBL-2
So, I mentioned in the title that the E550 came with a broken heart. “What?” you ask?  Well, here it goes.

I turns out that the canopy mounts on the frame were both snapped off during transit.

CPO Raptor E550FBL-8

CPO Raptor E550FBL

CPO Raptor E550FBL-11

Both sides!  ARGGGGHHHH!

So now I have it, but it’s broke from the start.  How frustrating!

I haven’t called Tower Hobbies yet, but I am sure they will take care of me. The question is….how long will it be?

Going to work sad now…

EDIT:  I called Tower Hobbies, and they were very responsive. They were going to send me a pre-paid shipping label to return the heli and replace the entire thing. That was pretty cool, especially since many companies require you to pay return postage for warranty claims. Anyway, the bad thing about that is that the heli is not in stock. Backordered ones are expected to ship in April. I didn’t want to wait until April…so instead…they are sending me a replacement main frame (free of course). I really like the fact that this is the same frame from the older E550/620 series.  That means that replacement parts are plentiful!  Thanks Tower Hobbies. I know it wasn’t your fault that it was broke. I wonder if it’s happening to others though…