Gas Powered Thoughts & Modified Gas Heli Engines : Live from IRCHA 2014

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I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to record 1 1/2 hours of this awesome seminar at the 2014 IRCHA Jamboree in Muncie, Indiana. It’s the entire formal presentation, although the folks were hanging out in the seminar for quite a while after the presentation ended. Of course, what you also don’t get here is the awesome giveaways! ; )

I did my best to work out the audio to cut as much background noise as possible. This seminar was right behind main stage…and besides all of the music, generators, and helicopter noise…some of the folks on the mike were quite…er…energetic at times. 😉


Gas Powered Thoughts, presented by Carey Shurley:

Modified Gas Heli Engines, presented by Tom Welch: