Flite Test HandyCopter UAV Quadcopter

This is a really cool project for someone looking to build a home-grown quad with a small budget.

For those of you that don’t follow Flite Test, Chad Kapper has been talking about his HandyCopter project for Make Magazine for a little while now. The premise was to build a quad entirely out of parts from a local hardware store (electronics excluded of course). The issue is finally out, and the HandyCopter is a reality.

While it’s a great budget build…it’s probably not for the first time builder. It’s innovative and creative (from a budget design perspective) but it might take a little experience to fully understand how all of the components work together. I really liked some of the creativity, for example, with the power hub and the camera gimble.

Perhaps this will be my next build series.  Anyone interested in a step by step series on this? Let me know.

Here’s the link to the online Make Magazine article: