DIY DMM (Multimeter) Voltage Calibration (Centech P37773/Mastech M9508) PART TWO

This is PART TWO of the Do-it-Yourself Multimeter Calibration series. Part One explains the methodology and how to use a reference (Duracell AA Battery) to check the calibration of your DMM, and then I show you how to adjust the calibration on the Centech P37773 (Mastech M9508) meter.

In this video I follow-up with the results from some continued testing of the Duracell battery voltage, and I found (using two different Fluke meters) that the voltage was a little off from what I have read from others on the Internet. Armed with that information, I re-adjusted my multimeter to the new reference voltage (1.619) and all was good in the world.

The lesson here: Trust, but verify. :-)