CPO’s Perfect Cup of Coffee : Tonx + Capresso + Aeropress

Join me as I share how I make my perfect cup of coffee. It’s no secret recipe. In fact, it’s a pretty common method. I show it to you anyway, because that’s how I roll! : ) Tonx + Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder + Aeropress = Awesome cup of coffee!

Please, support my coffee habit by using this link to check out Tonx coffee: https://tonx.org/1d4b6079

Don’t forget, you can get a FREE SAMPLE just to check it out!

Also, I didn’t mention this in the video, but it looks like they are running a Father’s Day promo that gets you a free Aeropress if you order by Father’s Day. Sorry for the short notice…I didn’t even realize they were running the promotion. Too bad I already have a subscription!