Manual "Return to Home"

CPO’s First Sunrise with the New Tricopter and GoPro!

This is my first image from the new tricopter. This is a frame from the video, and has been edited a bit.

“Snowy Maryland Sunrise”

Well, folks, the snow and rain finally stopped and I was able to get out for some sunrise video with the tricopter. It will be a while before I can edit the video, but here is a frame from the 25 minutes of footage I grabbed this morning. I have named it “Snowy Maryland Sunrise”. It has been through a little bit of post processing just to adjust contrast, levels, and crop.  Footage was taken with the GoPro.

Anyway, I hope you like it!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes pic.  I got so far out there that I had to use the “Return to Home” feature on my tricopter. How does it work?  Well… I find my house in the FPV video, and fly towards it!  LOL!  It’s the manual version for now. As you can imagine…seeing the tricopter line-of-site at this point was impossible, so I had no choice but to fly by video. It’s so easy to get too far away when flying (and trying to record video) that I always want to have an FPV setup on my tricopter, even when I only intend to fly line-of-sight.  Even when you can still see the aircraft…there becomes a distance where orientation is almost impossible to decipher.

Manual "Return to Home"

Manual “Return to Home”


EDIT:  LOL! I had to wait for all the snow to stop before I could go fly…and look at what Google Plus goes and does…   Bwahahahahaha!