CPO’s Dromida Ominus Quadcopter Review

Hey everyone, this is my look at the Dromida Ominus “nearly impossible to break” quadcopter. You can pick this up at Tower Hobbies. My best piece of advice… get two. They are that much fun. You are going to want to fly with someone! 😉

This is a really cool quadcopter. It looks good. Flies good. And has that interesting design that allows it to survive prop impacts. I don’t know exactly how the prop stops when it experiences resistance,and I don’t really care…it works, and it’s simple. I feel like it’s some sort of a simple friction clutch-like system with the motors and the way they are mounted…but I didn’t really take it apart to figure it out. Maybe one day when I have more time.

Anyway…take a look at the video, and prepare to want one of these! Sorry. I warned you. 😉