CPO Tricopter UBEC Wiring

I had a question about how I have my UBEC wired up on my tricopter to supply power to my tail servo. It’s a totally legit newbie question, and I am not sure it’s real clear from my videos. I figure if one person has the question, probably someone else does as well, so sharing the answer.

It’s a pretty simple add-on.  The key to remember is that this is a switching BEC, so you don’t want to have different power sources coming into the board at the same time as this one. To remedy that, recall that I removed the power wires from my M2 and M3 BECs.  Also, remember, that the M1 pins that power the KK2.1 board and the receiver are not bridged to the M2-M8 pins.  They need a separate power source.

Now, realistically, since I am only using the UBEC to provide power to the tail servo, I could have skipped connecting it to the KK2.1 board altogether…and just sent the output side directly to the servo, and run the servo control and ground lines to the board. It would work, but in my opinion makes for a more complicated wiring schema.



CPO Tricopter-3

I go over the wiring part in this video, so hopefully the description and photo above, combined with the video, will help get folks sorted.