CPO Tricopter Build : Prototyping, Assembly, and Vibration Dampening Camera Tray

NOTE!  I later found that my ESCs were overheating when mounted inside the body panels. I ended up moving them to the arms, and have no problems now. Be warned.  It could just be a problem with my ESCs, but I think mounting them outside of the body will save you some headache!

I’ll admit this video is a bit “random” compared to the others I have posted for this build. I did as much “prototyping” as “assembly” for this part because I had to just play with things until I got them the way I liked them. In the end, I think I have a solid design. I hope you will agree.

Probably the most notable thing here is my camera and battery tray mounting method. I was looking for something that provided some stability and vibration dampening…yet was simple to build. I haven’t been able to test it yet, but I think it’s got great potential. Time will tell. It’s so simple…it has to work! : )