CPO Tricopter Build : KK2.1 Install and Wiring the RX ESCs UBEC and Tail Servo

This video covers the actual physical installation of the KK2.1 Flight Controller Board onto the tricopter. I believe I have come up with a creative and useful way to attach the board that offers vibration isolation, protection, and security. I then install the receiver (FrSky D8RII-Plus in my case) and make all the connections from the KK2.1 to the receiver. Next I take you through the wiring of the output side of the board where the ESC’s for motors 1,2, and 3 are connected, as well as the tail servo and external BEC. At the very end of the video, I show you the wiring layout to make sure you have it..and briefly discuss the voltage monitor and buzzer/LED install that I didn’t do. If you do those, please be careful…I’ve seen several folks post that they’ve smoked their board when plugging those things in wrong. I’m not using them because my receiver has built in telemetry. The extra wiring wasn’t necessary so I left it off.