CPO Tricopter Build : In-Depth Look at Prop Blade and Hub Balancing

It may be ironic that one of the longest videos I have made in a while is on a topic that most people just assume is understood and put into practice. I’m often amazed, however, how many new RC builders don’t know about prop balancing, or just plain forget to do it. It’s a boring and tedious task. It can also drive you crazy if you let it! : )

In this video I go through my method of balancing all three props for my tricopter build. I don’t just show you one…I show you all three. Why? Because they are each different, and require a different approach to balancing. The first is pretty typical, the second was a pain, and the third was a piece of cake. That’s how it goes.

Sometimes I address the blades first, sometimes the hub. This video explains why and how I make that decision. My method may be different than others…but like many things in this hobby…there are many ways to achieve the same result. I tried to take extra care to point out the things I was looking for, and how I addressed a certain behavior. For example, it’s one thing for a blade to drop to the bottom when on the balancer, but it’s another to drop to the bottom, pass the center line, and then end up hanging offset on the other side from where it was dropped. In my opinion, that speaks more to a hub issue than a blade one — rather than the prop that has a blade that hangs straight down — which is likely to be a blade imbalance. Don’t worry. I show you what this looks like in the video.

As I mention in the video… sometimes the hard part is knowing when to stop. Often, I am my own worst enemy, and have a well-balanced prop…that I mess with just a little more…and…well… you can guess how that goes.

Anyway… I hope this helps folks looking for more info on total and complete prop balancing, from hub to blade…sometimes in that order, sometimes not. : )