This is my first image from the new tricopter. This is a frame from the video, and has been edited a bit.

CPO Snowy FPV Sunrise [video]

This was a fun little FPV run just to really start getting my tricopter going. It was my first FPV flight, which was half line-of-sight- and half fpv. FPV video was mostly used to see where the camera on the tricopter was pointing, and to get back home when it got so far out I couldn’t see it anymore.

I did some stabilization in Final Cut Pro X, but I’m not overly impressed with the output. It leaves some less than desirable artifacts. I’ll experiment with that a bit more in the future. I still think it was a worthy first run.

I would really like to have a stabilization system for the camera. Vibration aside, which I don’t seem to have any, for smooth motion in flight, it would sure be nice. Of course, I still haven’t tuned my tricopter yet. It’s all still factory settings with the 2.1V1.11S2 firmware! LOL!