CPO Rep'n the Nation

CPO Rep’n* the Nation

So I finally broke down and bought one of the RCHN hats, and yes…I have my Citizen Number stitched on the back. It was a little pricey for a hat, imho, but I don’t mind spending a little more than I think I should to support a good cause  (I did admittedly pay extra for the custom embroidery of my number) …and the guys at RC Heli Nation have been unknowingly instrumental in my development in the hobby over the last year and a half. They probably have no idea how many people they help, influence, and sometimes piss off through the time that they have committed to their podcast.  Just kidding about the pissing off part. Not really.  ; )

*And just to be clear…when I say “Rep’n the Nation,” I mean I am proudly helping spread the word by wearing a hat with their logo…not the “rep” as in a “representative” or “field rep”. I have no affiliation with them, and they don’t pay me to say nice things about them. They do pay me to not say bad things, tho. Just kidding!  Man, I am funny.

Anyway…if you have no idea who I am talking about, then you are missing out. Check them out at http://www.rchelination.com/.  You can find their podcasts on the website, as well as the usual podcast repositories like iTunes. They also have a good forum over there too. And if you want one of these rockin’ hats…you can go to http://www.rchelination.com/rchn-hats/

CPO Rep'n the Nation