CPO Quick Tip : Wireless Sim or Buddy Box with DX6i and Lemon-RX DSM2 PPM

Proof of concept testing, and proving, that a Lemon-RX (lemon-rx.com) DSM2+PPM receiver can be used to allow for wireless buddy boxing or wireless connection to a simulator.

Of course, this is just a proof of concept, so there is more refinement to do. For example, the RX has to be powered, so you wouldn’t want to have to plug in a battery just to wirelessly sim (or maybe you would). Additionally, the 3.5mm adapter could be used to plug into the trainer port on the “teacher” or “master” transmitter. However, a more elegant solution would involve a direct connection to the board by hard wiring (and hopefully hiding) the RX inside.

Anyway…thanks for watching!