CPO Quick Look : Tricopter 3D Modeling to Design Around GoPro FOV

In this video, I show you the 3D modeling I have been working on with regard to my tricopter build process. I decided to build the copter around the GoPro camera’s standard field of view (120° x 90°) since that is what I plan on mounting to the front. The standard rcexplorer.se design by David Windestål is a perfect platform to start with…so that’s what I did.

I assembled the tricopter with 12.7mm booms at 400mm length with HexTronik DT450 motors and 10″ props. I used the coffin style body for simplicity (since I will be hand cutting my design out of plywood).

I modeled the GoPro field of view and then take a look at the model to see what I can do to keep the props out of the picture. It’s been a great learning exercise!

My tricopter design thread can be found at: