CPO Not-So-Quick Tip : Pre-Maiden and Pre-Flight Checks

In this video, I go over the basic pre-maiden (and essentially pre-flight) checks that you want to make on your plane before you put it in the air. You may have spent hours, days, weeks, or even months building your plane. Take the few minutes to make sure your controls are neutral, and operate in the proper direction, check your motor and prop, and please don’t forget to check you center of gravity (CG). I don’t just tell you to do this, I demonstrate each of these steps…including what direction the control surfaces should move when you move the sticks in certain directions. As a newbie myself, this was one of the things I really had to think about to make sure I got it right, but I found some of the videos online hard to follow or without some of the detail to make it all click. Hopefully this helps someone with these basic checks. I also talk about other pre-flight items that I think are important.

I realized after watching this video that it looks like my motor mount is a bit crooked. I went back and looked at it and it was mostly optical illusion from the camera angle…but there was just a smidgen of tilt to it, which I have since fixed. I’m glad I made the video, because just looking at the plane in front of me, it looked straight. So if you are watching this, and it looks crooked to you…just know that it’s not a problem any longer….and was mostly exaggerated through the power of video! I always find things in videos and pictures that I never notice in real life!

Anyway, feedback is always appreciated.