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CPO Heli Hangout #25

All kinds of great discussion, as usual. We dug into tic tocs, piro tic tocs, the upcoming AccuRC simulator, Afro ESC problems…and not problems. :-)

I did mention the possibility of selling hats and shirts with the new logo.  If you are interested, please let me know. You can send me an email to  If I get enough interest, then I’ll put together an order. This first hat turned out nice (I think), and I like everything except I think the writing on the back is too large. I will shrink it down a lot if anyone wants a hat. As far as the shirts…there are several color options…so let me know what you think you might like. I’ve got a test shirt on the way…so I will do a video showing them both later….but you can see the design in this video.

Thanks for watching!