CPO FT Bloody Wonder Build Overview and Maiden Fight

In this video, I show you the final FT Bloody Wonder before taking it out for a maiden flight…which, of course, I bring you along to watch.

I will probably follow this up with a more detailed afterthoughts video…because today’s flights did give me some “must do” changes . I’ll give it away to you now, though: Minwax or taping the entire plane is a MUST DO. Just the light dew on the grass basically soaked right into the paper on the foam board, causing it to separate all over. I figured it would be time limited without protection…but 4 or 5 landings on damp grass really did a job on it. If you are like me, and like to fly in the morning before the winds pick up…then dew on the grass is a reality this time of year. Yes…I was properly warned. I even have Minwax and foam brushes…and was planning on coating it down after the maiden, but I didn’t want to invest more time/money until I knew it was a keeper. YOU ALL WARNED ME. Thank you.

I honestly didn’t even think about how bad the light dew would be on the plane. It’s no biggie. It will cost me $2 plus some glue sticks to redo the entire plane! That’s not bad at all! I wish my helis could be rebuilt for $2. :-)

Regardless… this thing is a blast to fly!