CPO 9XR Quick Tip : Frsky Binding and Setting Failsafes

In this video I cover two topics:

1. Binding my Turnigy 9XR with FrSky DJT TX Module to a FrSky D8R-II Plus RX
2. What the default failsafe setting is and how to easily change it.

/>Binding procedure is as follows:

1. Install DJT module into the 9XR (make sure PPM mode is set in TX)
2. Ensure the mode setting is correct for your application
3. Hold button on DJT while powering on transmitter
4. Hold f/s button on RX while powering on RX
5. That’s it! Power everything off and back on. You should be set.

Failsafe setting procedure:

1. Ensure RX is properly bound to the TX and turn everything on
2. Hold or set the transmitter in the position(s) you want for failsafe (ie, low throttle, slight left turn, flaps, elevator, rudder, etc).
3. Press (momentarily) the F/S button on the RX. You should hear a beep from the module indicating failsafe is set.
4. Re-do this process as desired to make changes.
5. Re-binding the RX will clear all failsafes.