CPO 135° Tricopter G-10 Body Panels!

Looky! Looky!  Look what came  in the mail today!

One of the great guys that’s been active on my thread on RC Groups (CPO’s Officially Unofficial Tricopter Build :: Step by Step Scratch Build How-To) has gone and laser-cut some G-10 body panels using my tricopter design. Jack (or jackerbes on the forum) and his son have been playing with the laser cutter…and I think they have just about got things worked out.

I will re-build my tricopter with these new panels and let you all what I think.  The awesome thing is that I originally wanted to try G-10, but was wanting to make sure I really liked the design before I tried to figure out how to get them made. Getting the G-10 is easy. Getting them laser cut is not. : )

Thanks, Jack!  I’ll get this rebuilt as quickly as I can so I can get you some feedback!