Coin. I’ve been waiting for something like this!

Coin. I’ve been waiting for something like this!


Have you seen this yet? Coin. “All your cards. One coin.”

I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along.  I really like it when technology meets a specific need.  This is it for me.

I hate carrying a wallet, and I carry the bare minimum I can get away with. In fact, if you have seen my video on how to make a Tyvek wallet from a USPS envelope, then you know that I prefer a minimalist approach. To that end, I don’t want to carry around a dozen credit cards. I carry two.  It’s the two I use most. My debit card, and one other credit card for larger purchases when needed. The problem with that is that I often wish I had “that other card” that I don’t have with me.

Coin seems to solve this. All my cards, in one. Plus, I am very thrilled about the integration with my phone…and alerts if I forget my card on the dinner table…or the ability to lock it down remotely if it leaves my possession.

Anyway, I can only speculate on its coolness for now, since it’s not ready for release yet…but this summer, it shall be mine. : )

I challenge you to check it out.  They are currently accepting pre-orders at half price to help fund manufacturing of the initial batch. I’m in. Even my wife, who is slightly technology challenged, is interested in this. If you do decide to pre-order, please do me a favor and use my referral link. Then…you’ll get your own link to use, and you can earn $5 per referral. If you spread the word, your Coin can pay for itself!