39 : Tarot 450 Pro V2 Build : CPO’s First Crash!

Now that I have shared my maiden flight…It’s time to share my last flight of the day… ; )

Yes… I crashed. It was on my 5th flight. I had actually left the “flight line” to go take care of the dog (who decided to crash through the front door and start running around while I was flying). I went and put him back away, then returned to keep flying. I returned to the transmitter with the same confidence I left it with…but not with the same concentration. My lesson here is that distractions can effect you. I should have returned…slowed down some… regained the feel of the heli BEFORE I tried anything new.

Of course, I should have taken the advice that I have heard plenty of times…don’t rush…just hover…don’t try and “fly” yet. I was excited, and felt comfortable.

So what happened? Well, you’ll see in the video, but what started out as a slow rotation, ended up in a bit of a nose-in, 45-degree-angled, forward flight. I froze and it was only a second before it was over. I don’t know what I was thinking…other than “Dang! This is going to suck…and I don’t know how to gracefully get out of it!” I do recall making a conscious decision not to start banging the sticks around and take any last ditch efforts to get control. I’ve done that it the sim, and the results are variable…and often end up with the heli flying faster than I want, and in a direction that I didn’t control (often behind me).

I didn’t want to post the video of my crash until I had a chance to go over the damage (which appears to be minimal). I am not bummed a bit by the crash. Of course, no crash is better than any crash…but crashing is expected. When I decided on what size heli to get, I used the advice to buy the largest size you can afford to repair when you crash. I knew crashing was part of the fun! : )

I will say…having built this myself has given me the confidence and experience to be able to fix it. I’m so glad I didn’t just grab a BNF off the shelf or pick up a used one for my first heli.

Enjoy the video!


Now that I have my new Tarot 450 Pro V2 Kit, it’s time to get started on the build. Join me as I approach this build from a completely novice perspective. I’ll be learning as I go, but hopefully someone can learn something from this…or at least get the courage to do it on your own.

Thanks for watching!