23: Tarot 450 Pro V2 Build : ESC Size YEP 45A vs HobbyWing 40A

Before I routed the wiring for my ESC, I wanted to spend a moment sharing the physical differences of my two ESC choices, and how the build process is impacted depending on which I select.

My original ESC choice was the YEP 45A from Hobby King. Unfortunately, when I started purchasing parts, they were out of stock. I ended up buying a Hobby Wing Platinum Pro 40A as plan B. I have been using the Hobby Wing to provide power to my FBL system while I set up my electronics. However, the YEP came back in stock and I ordered one. It’s been on my bench for a while, but now that I am actually completing the wiring on the heli, it’s time to switch.

The physical dimensions of these two ESCs are very different. The Hobby Wing 40A is an easy install…sized perfectly for the nose of the 450 sized heli. The YEP 45A, however, is wider and longer. It will not fit in the standard location with the standard battery tray.

I ended up ordering an extended battery tray and a separate canopy support so that I could fit the YEP inside the nose of the heli. I was trying to avoid mounting it on the side (which is a popular and simple solution). Either way…if you are new to this hobby like me, seeing how a small component size difference can change the entire build process could be helpful…so here you go!


Now that I have my new Tarot 450 Pro V2 Kit, it’s time to get started on the build. Join me as I approach this build from a completely novice perspective. I’ll be learning as I go, but hopefully someone can learn something from this…or at least get the courage to do it on your own.

Thanks for watching!