22 : Tarot 450 Pro V2 Build : Battery Storage Voltage

In this video, I share what I learned about battery storage. It’s bad for your LiPo batteries to be left fully charged for an extended period of time. Now that I have learned how to charge my batteries, I must now make sure that I follow the recommendations for long term storage. The basic rule of thumb I plan to use is this: If I don’t plan on using the batteries in the next week or two, I will use my Thunder T6 Charger to bring them down to a lower voltage level (3.80 -ish volts per cell).


Now that I have my new Tarot 450 Pro V2 Kit, it’s time to get started on the build. Join me as I approach this build from a completely novice perspective. I’ll be learning as I go, but hopefully someone can learn something from this…or at least get the courage to do it on your own.

Thanks for watching!