2 : Tarot 450 Pro V2 Build : Getting Started

Now that I have my new Tarot 450 Pro V2 Kit, it’s time to get started on

the build. Join me as I approach this build from a completely novice perspective. I’ll be learning as I go, but hopefully someone can learn something from this…or at least get the courage to do it on your own.

This video is to talk about today’s run to the LHS (Local Hobby Store) for some needed tools and parts. I think I have enough now to start working on the head assembly.

Thanks for watching!

00:00 Discuss my visit to the Local Hobby Store
01:45 Medium CA Glue
01:57 Blue Thread Locker from Auto Parts Store
02:05 Ball Link Pliers
02:46 Align hex driver set
03:26 Hob-E-Lube Ultra Lite Oil
04:00 3mm Nylon Locking Nuts (missing from head assembly in my kit)