11 : Tarot 450 Pro V2 Build : Electronics Extravaganza Volume One

Bringing out the electronics for The Electronics Extravaganza! This is a series within a series. I realized when I was finished recording everything that led up to the adjustment of my servo arms, that I really have a lot of info crammed in here about a lot of different things. Rather than keeping it as a feature length movie, I decided to break it up into several volumes.

This is “The Electronics Extravaganza: Volume One”.

It covers more than you wanted to know about setting up your transmitter for binding to a new model, making your own binding plug, how to bind the receiver, and how to bind a satellite receiver. Additionally, I discuss how to connect servos and the ESC to a receiver, including little facts like which direction wires go…..and how to map color codes (Black, Red, White vs Brown, Red, Orange).

It’s full of beginner goodness, so hopefully someone will find it of value. I know I sure did!

; – )

Next video will cover getting started with the Robird G31 FBL System, including specific transmitter instructions you need to know, updating the firmware, and initial servo and receiver settings.

Make sure your throttle stick is in low position to ensure that the failsafe settings shut the motor down if you lose connection between the transmitter and receiver.


Now that I have my new Tarot 450 Pro V2 Kit, it’s time to get started on the build. Join me as I approach this build from a completely novice perspective. I’ll be learning as I go, but hopefully someone can learn something from this…or at least get the courage to do it on your own.

Thanks for watching!