09 : Tarot 500 : Gyro to Receiver Plug Compatibility (Futaba vs JR)

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This is just a fairly simple video to demonstrate the compatibility issue I ran into trying to plug the Tarot GY650 tail gyro into my Spektrum AR6200 receiver. This may or may not be a common problem, but I thought I would discuss it anyway, since it may be helpful for new builders. In short, the issue originates from the various types of plugs that are used with the gyros, servos, and receivers — primarily the difference between the JR style plug that Spektrum uses and the Futaba style plug that is often in use by other manufacturers. The JR style plug will fit into a Futaba style receiver, but not the other way around, thanks to the little tab that exists on the Futaba style plugs. Anyway… a quick plug swap or a little precision razor work will solve the problem.