05 : Tarot 500 : Servos – Install and Initial Electronics Setup and 90’ing

Correction: At around 30:00 I mention that this is a flybarless build…that’s incorrect. This is a FLYBAR BUILD. Sorry about that.

In this video, I go through the entire process, from start to finish of installing and performing initial setup of the servos into the 500 frame. I ran into a few snags with missing screws and washers from my kit, but that’s the way it goes. Thankfully, the LHS has random parts like that to get me back to building. The roughest part for me is that it extended the time it took to build because I had to go shopping twice in the middle of this. Do yourself a favor and check your parts first…that way you can just get to it all in one session.

I went through this assuming the viewer needs to know everything about setting up servos, including what is needed to power the servos and transmitter setup for the build. It’s a pretty long video, but you know how to fast forward through stuff you may already know! : )

I cover:

Mounting the three cyclic servos
How to use the rubber mounting grommets if you desire
How to perform initial DX6i new model setup
A trick I recently learned for setting pitch curve to assist with mechanical setup.
How to bind receivers and satellite receivers
How to connect the servos to the receiver
How to use the “Reverse” function to get the servos cooperating
How to use “Swash Mix” to adjust servo direction
How to mount servo arms and balls
How to set servo sub trim

Hope this is helpful. Enjoy!