03 : Tarot 500 : Battery Tray Drop Frame Mod

In this video, I take a little time to go ahead and make this very common frame modification prior to starting the rest of the heli assembly. The battery tray drop mod is performed to allow for larger batteries to fit more comfortably under the canopy. In fact, the newer Align frames now come with a similar drop, as do other 500 sized heli makers. This might not be a required mod for me, but I figure it can’t hurt. It is much easier to do this before I build then it will be after I start. Do it if you like, don’t do it if you don’t. Try my method if you like, use another if you don’t. : ) Fair? Awesome!

If you do this, please be careful regarding the carbon fiber dust you will be creating during the cutting and sanding of the frames. It is dangerous if inhaled. Protect yourself. Please do this outdoors, and use an appropriate protective mask. Wash everything off outside to keep the dust from getting everywhere when you bring the parts back to your workbench.